5 Ways Commercial Surveillance Systems Keep Businesses Safe


How Commercial Surveillance Protects Properties

Every business is looking for ways to improve productivity and company profits. A comprehensive commercial surveillance system can help achieve both of these goals.

How Commercial Surveillance Protects Properties

Monitoring what happens on your property has a number of key benefits, from safety and security and beyond. Here are five ways that video surveillance systems can improve safety, security, and efficiency at your business.

Active Monitoring Prevents Crime

The main goal of commercial surveillance is to prevent crime. When you have cameras that are actively monitored, this goal is accomplished. There is a significant difference between monitored commercial surveillance and unmonitored cameras.

If cameras are not monitored, they simply record evidence that can be used later. This evidence could be useful in an investigation, but it doesn’t stop the crime from happening. Criminals know that if they can leave the scene of a crime before police or security guards arrive, they are unlikely to be caught.

However, if cameras are monitored, security agents can spot suspicious situations before they occur. They can then respond, preventing crimes.

Security Staff Can React

As mentioned, a major difference between monitored and unmonitored commercial surveillance is that monitored systems allow security agents to react to situations as they develop. For instance, if monitoring agents notice someone acting suspicious inside a big box store, they can communicate with onsite security guards or other staff and have them walk over and speak to the individual. This will likely discourage any criminal activity.

The same is true in a situation where someone is outside a property. Thanks to perimeter monitoring, agents will be able to see someone lurking outside a shopping mall or hotel, for instance. They can then communicate directly with the site through two-way cameras, active lights to deter the person, or even contact security or the police to respond to the situation.

Police are more likely to place a higher priority on such calls since security agents have positively verified that there is an active crime in progress.

Video Footage is Evidence

Video footage serves as powerful evidence. If a property relies on security guards for protection, you are also relying on their memories and their notes. Unfortunately, these may not be entirely accurate. When you have a monitored commercial surveillance system, not only do you have the eyewitness accounts from the security agents, but you also have access to video footage as well.

This is important for several reasons. One, this footage can be used by police to investigate a crime and hold criminals accountable. It can also be useful for insurance agents in situations where assets are stolen or damaged. Finally, having monitored video lets you see situations that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

For example, if a delivery truck bumps into one of your company vehicles in the parking lot, for example, the damage to the vehicle may not be noticed right away. If you have security agents monitoring cameras 24/7, they will see this incident and have video footage available to prove what happened.

Monitoring Ensure Protocols Are Followed

Live monitoring does more than just prevent crimes. When you have security professionals monitoring your commercial property 24/7, they can help improve other aspects of your business as well. For instance, they can make sure that your staff are always following protocols.

If your team is supposed to lock the stock room whenever they leave it, for instance, the monitoring team can make sure this happens.

Another example is safety issues. Monitoring staff will watch and make sure that employees are taking proper safety precautions when climbing ladders, using equipment, handling chemicals, and performing other potentially dangerous tasks.

Security staff can intervene in these situations to enforce protocol and ensure a safe and secure workplace.

Live Monitoring Reports Improve Business Practices

As mentioned, commercial surveillance does more than just keep criminals away. The information about your property that is gathered by security agents can be used to improve your business.

By compiling and providing regular reports, you’ll be able to see how your team operates on the property, identify potential areas for improvement, and discover situations where additional training may be required.

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