Commercial Video Security Systems Long Beach & Area

Understanding Video Security Systems & How to Protect Properties 

If you’ve found yourself searching for “video surveillance near me” and wondering which option is the right choice, the good news is that you’re not alone. There are many different security solutions out there and finding the one that is right for you can often be tough. However, by doing some research, you can understand more about each option, and this can help you make a decision. 

Five Things to Know About Security Systems Long Beach & Area

Here are five things you need to know when you’re looking for video commercial security systems in Long Beach and beyond.

Alarm Monitoring Systems Only Alert After a Crime Happens

Alarm monitoring systems are a common type of security, but it’s important to note something crucial about them: they only alert you to a crime after it’s already happened. At first this seems obvious, but once you think about it, you see how it can be a potential issue.

Alarm systems need to be triggered by something for them to sound, such as movement or a door or window being opened or broken. Unfortunately, once this has happened, a crime is already underway.

Criminals know that even if the authorities are called the moment an alarm sounds, it will still take them time to arrive at the scene. This gives them a chance to take what they’re looking for and make their escape before they can be caught. 

Video Cameras Should Be Monitored

Another common type of security is commercial video surveillance cameras. However, it’s vital to differentiate between monitored and unmonitored cameras. Unmonitored cameras are ones that are not watched at all times. This includes cameras that are not monitored at all as well as those that may be watched by security guards at certain times, but not always.

A potential issue with unmonitored cameras is that, if they’re not being watched, no one can take any action to prevent crimes from happening. Much like with alarms, there’s no way for anyone to notice a suspicious situation and prevent it from turning into a crime.

In theory, security cameras are supposed to catch criminals in the act so they can be identified by police and arrested, but most criminals know that if they wear masks or hoods they can avoid being recognized.

Security Guards Can’t Watch Everything at Once

Security systems aren’t the only way to protect a property. Onsite guards are another common solution. Security guards are able to notice potentially dangerous or suspect situations and take steps to prevent crimes. For instance, if a guard notices someone lurking outside your property, they can walk over and work to deter the criminal.

security guards vs remote video monitoring solutions

A potential issue with onsite security guards is that they can’t be everywhere at once. Even if a property has many guards on staff, it still usually isn’t possible for them to see every inch of a location. This gives criminals opportunities to hide and to strike when they won’t be noticed. 

Live remote video monitoring is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to security guards.

Security Systems Should be Tailored to the Property

Security systems are not a one-size solution. Each property is unique, each business has its own security concerns, and therefore each security set up should be tailored to the specific location.

When you are looking for security systems in Long Beach and area, it’s important to work with an organization that understands this. 

Remote Monitoring Provides Additional Benefits

In addition to protecting a property and preventing situations from turning into crimes, live remote monitoring has other benefits as well. For instance, monitoring agents can handle access control at a site. This could mean taking responsibility for parking management at a truck yard or serving as a virtual concierge at a residential complex.

Depending on your needs, remote agents can assist in registering authorized visitors, ensuring that those who are not authorized cannot access the property, and much more.

Monitoring agents can also assist in protocol enforcement. For instance, agents can ensure that staff are following safety procedures and wearing appropriate protective equipment. If they are not, agents can use two-way speakers to intervene and correct the behaviour.

For more information on remote monitoring, security systems, and for answers to any questions you may have when searching for “surveillance near me”, please do not hesitate to contact Birdseye Security Solutions today. Our team will assist you in any way we can, helping you find the right security systems Long Beach and area.